Wireless portability

Viera™ wireless ultrasound scanner—no strings attached

With the Viera™ portable ultrasound, there's literally nothing holding you back. Not only is it wireless, it works with a mobile app and is compatible with most iOS and Android smart devices available today. And, unlike traditional systems, Viera™ ultrasound can be carried around for quick exams and guided procedures.

Cordless, cloud-based, and easy


Viera™ ultrasound uses Wi-Fi Direct to connect to its app on your device (or devices). All you need to do is download the free app. Once downloaded, Viera™ ultrasound does not require Internet access to operate. Another benefit is that regular updates to both Viera™ ultrasound and the app are automatically pushed to your devices upon release, ensuring they both work seamlessly for years to come.


As an authorized user, you can manage your patients' images conveniently and securely with Cloud storage options that integrate with your existing PACS systems or DICOM services.


Rest assured your patient's data is safe in the Cloud, thanks to 128-bit secure SSL encryption and HIPAA-compliant protocols.


You can take the Viera™ wireless ultrasound scanner anywhere—in fact it's built to withstand the demands of almost any setting. It features a drop-safe magnesium shell, and no breakable moving parts or cables. It can even be sterilized and submersed up to 3 feet.

Insider Insight

“The Viera ultrasound scanner presents the right combination of advantages for the surgeon. It is extremely portable, able to see patients in the office, at the hospital, in the OR and in the ER. The image quality is impressive and comparable to most ultrasound machines used by surgeons."

Cary Kaufman MD, FACS
Cary Kaufman MD, FACS
Bellingham Regional Breast Center
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