Technical Specifications

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Viera™ Scanner

Model Viera™ breast ultrasound
Frequency 4-14 MHz
Max Depth 7 cm
# of Elements 192 
Radius N/A
Pitch 208 µm
Transducer size 3.8 cm



1 to 20 MHz waveforms
Up to 20 continuous pulses
Bi-polar output
Up to 80V peak-to-peak

Beamforming & Reception

4 Parallel Beamformers
Synthetic Aperture
Beamforming for virtual focal zones
60 MHz sampling rate @ 14 bits per channel

Post processing

Adaptive Speckle Reduction
Edge enhancement

Total Input Dynamic Range 160db
Automated Algorithms

Time-Gain-Compensation (TGC)
Frequency-Depth Adjustment
Patient Contact Detection


Internally Optimized Parameters

Most ultrasound devices have parameters that the user must adjust to get a good image, the Viera™ system internally optimizes the following parameters to ensure the product is easy to use:

Frequency Range 4 to 14 MHz
Focal zones Range 1 to 10
Compression Dynamic Range 30 to 90 dB
Reject Filter Yes
Sector width Range 50% to 100%
Grey Map Yes



Imaging Modes

B-Mode Yes
M-Mode Yes
Power Doppler Yes
Color Doppler Yes
Needle Enhancement Yes


Interface Controls

Depth Yes
Read Zoom Yes
3TGC sliders or Automated TGC Yes
Flip/Mirror Yes
Freeze Yes
Color/Power ROI Yes
Flow Speed Yes


Pre-set Applications

Viera™ breast ultrasound

Dense Breast
Interventional Breast
Small Parts (Thyroid, etc.)


Mobile Platforms


iOS 9.0 or later and the following devices:
iPhone 4s (and later)
iPod Touch 5th gen (and later)
iPad 3rd gen (and later), iPad mini, iPad Air

Android Android 4.4.2 (API 19) or greater and devices which have the following architectures: x64 and ARM

NOTE: The iPhone 4s doesn't support 5GHz Wi-Fi. For best performance, a smart device that supports 5GHz Wi-Fi is recommended. iOS devices support iOS11 for streamlined connectivity.

Security & Encryption

WiFi data channel TLS 1.2
Bluetooth AES



Local Export Yes
Cloud Export Yes
DICOM Store Yes



WiFi 802.11n, dual band 2.4GHz & 5GHz
Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1


Measurements and Calculations

Distance Yes
Trace Yes
Ellipse Yes
Heart Rate Yes
Time Yes
Breast Measurements
Mass Volume
Quad Multi-Distance Tool
Depth-width ratio
Lateral Distance
Relative Error
Minimum Range
Maximum Range
Axial Distance
Relative Error
Minimum Range
Maximum Range

< ±2%
≤ 0.2 mm
≥ 24 cm

≤ ± 2%
≤ 0.2 mm
≥ 24 cm
Viera™ breast ultrasound

Depth Sensitivity: 5.1cm
Flow Sensitivity:
0.8 mL/sec @ a depth of 5.0 cm



Enclosure Light weight magnesium
IPX7 rated for probe and battery separately, rated for 1m immersion for 30 min 
Dimensions 167 (h) x 99 (w) x 42 (d) mm
6.7" x 4.1" x 1.6"
Mass (w/battery) 540g
1.2 lbs


Battery, Charging & Bootup

Battery Life ~60 min scanning
Standby ~7 days idle
Charge Time ~90 min
Max Scan Time Per Exam ~20 min
Bootup Platform dependent, generally <30 seconds



Tested without adverse effects
Accel® PREVention™ Wipes
Accel® TB Wipes
MetriCide™ OPA Plus High Level Disinfectant Solution
Sani-Cloth® HB Germicidal Disposable Wipe
Sani-Cloth® Plus Germicidal Disposable Cloth
Tristel Trio Wipes System
Virox™ AHP® 5 RTU Wipes

Standard Configuration

2 Rechargeable Batteries
1 Charger with global AC Adapter
Access to Clarius Cloud Platform