Convenient Procedures

Make every room your exam room

Viera™ ultrasound’s exceptional portability gives on-demand access to imaging. It offers an efficient way to perform guided interventional procedures, like biopsies, marker placements, and wire localizations. It also helps augment capabilities for facilities with limited imaging capacity.

Convenience is key

Convenience is key

The Viera™ portable wireless ultrasound scanner is ideal for quick diagnostic looks, visual confirmations, interventional procedures, vascular access, and small parts exams and procedures. Easy access to these capabilities will help optimize your clinical workflow and patient pathway—as simple to use as the camera on your smart phone, and all at an affordable cost.

Ease of use

Ease of use

•    Preset modes for breast, dense breast, and interventional procedures 
•    Customizable annotations package enables efficient documentation
•    Breast reporting package quickly documents services and ensures accurate billing and audit


Insider Insight

"The Viera™ has immensely improved my workflow. The image quality is equivalent to the larger, more cumbersome ultrasound I had before. Now, I can quickly move from patient to patient rather than waiting to use just one ultrasound room."

Dr. Kelly Dempsey
Dr. Kelly Dempsey
Breast Surgeon, Southwest Surgical Associates
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